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Digital Ideas Group, LLC links to other, external web sites that provide information we determine at our
discretion contain the most useful information for our program. While many sites provide very
useful information, Digital Ideas Group, LLC only links to those sites which provide the most useful content.
These links may be changed at any time as more useful sites come to our attention. The sole
purpose of any external link is to enrich this site for our customers. All requests for inclusion of a
link on this site is first and primarily evaluated with the needs of our customers in mind. Generally,
external web sites do not meet the purposes of Digital Ideas Group, LLC if they contain, suggest, or infer
any of the following:
1. Advocacy of or opposition to any politically, environmentally, or socially controversial subjects,
issues, or candidates.
2. Disparaging or promoting any person or class of persons.
3. External content not suitable for readers or viewers of all ages, or links to or other promotion of
businesses whose products or services are not suitable for persons of all ages.
4. Promoting or inciting illegal, violent, or socially undesirable conduct.
5. Promotion or availability of alcohol or tobacco products.
6. Promotion or availability of illegal drugs.
7. Promotion or availability of adult or sexually oriented entertainment or materials.
8. Promotion, opposition, or availability of weapons.
9. Promotion, opposition, or availability of gambling.
10. Claims of efficacy, suitability, desirability, or other non-objective statements about businesses,
products, or services.
11. Content that infringes on any trademark, copyright, or patent rights of another.
12. Claims or representations in violation of advertising or consumer protection laws.
13. Content that a reasonable citizen may not consider to maintain the dignity and decorum
appropriate for government.
This list is a nonexclusive list. The external link policy applies only to web sites outside Digital Ideas Group, LLC.

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